About Us

We specialize in the distribution of dental technology.
About Us

Ueda was founded in 1978 by Luis López de Uralde Sr. and his two brothers. The company decided to specialize in dentistry products in the eighties, taking advantage of their good network of contacts, having been involved in the sales of medical equipments since the early years.

In 1985 Ueda Europa S.A. started selling dental panoramic X-rays units made in Finland by Soredex -a company we still deal with today and in 1990 we introduced in Spain the first Dental Digital X-rays computer connected unit and later helped Soredex to develop their Digora system, first in the market with phosphor independent plate for dentistry. Our chief engineer is on the Board of Soredex digital advisory group. We have introduced in our market (Spain and Portugal) and helped to in Italy, U.K., Benelux and France other technical related systems like lasers, periodontal bio-engineered products, digital probing systems (Florida Probe, U.S.A.) and Etkon CAD-CAM.

With Etkon CAD-CAM we started selling laser scanners to dental labs in 2003. After three years there were nearly one hundred scanning centers and we had built our own milling factory at the Technological Park in Málaga under license of Etkon Germany. In 2007 Etkon was sold to Straumann, the Swiss dental implant producer, and we were requested to sell our Etkon Ibérica Company, which we did in 2008.

In our company there are well trainned technical salesmen with a good knowledge of hi-tech dental market. The territory is divided into ten areas: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Valladolid, Málaga, Sevilla, Canary Islands, Galicia and Portugal. Most salesmen are technicians (to provide technical service) and some are supported by our own engineers or independent partners for we understand that the key to our success has always been related to an excellent after sales customer service.

Selling direct to dentists is the way we work. We have a portfolio exceeding 4.000 satisfied customers who trust us their digital x-rays (Finland), dental chairs and fine tools (X.O., Denmark), Florida Probe periodontal diagnostic instruments (USA) and, lately, extraoral CBCT 3-D systems, by PointNix (Korea).

Regarding our financial status, any of our suppliers or bankers (Banco Popular Español or Banco Santander) will be happy to satisfy your request. We would be delighted to receive you at our headquarters at Palacio Monte Miramar, 38, 29016 Málaga (Spain) or at our sales central office and showroom, in La Cala del Moral (Málaga) should you decide to visit.

Ueda was very proud to receive in 2013 the medal for “Odontological Merit” awarded by the Dental Association, many of whom are our customers, proof of our long standing dedication to them.